January 07, 2019

Organizational Baseball Meeting for 2019

Good afternoon,

On behalf of the ELS Board, we would like to invite you to come out and join us on Sunday January 13th at 6:30 at St Mary’s( please include the address). We would like to discuss ways to increase participation in our rec baseball league at ELS. We have a wonderful baseball park and we are really excited about the opportunities to build back the numbers of kids playing rec baseball. ELS has been able to get a new baseball commissioner that is very excited about this opportunity.  He will bring a lot of energy to ELS, but he is going to need some volunteers to help him out in his new capacity. We are in need of parents that could act as age group commissioners and or coaches.  Age group commissioners would help with tryouts, team assignment, practice schedules and games. Volunteers is really what we have lacked the last few seasons, so please consider coming out to join us on the evening of the 13th. We promise to be brief and to start on time.   Please feel free to call me with questions. 

Scott Watkins