October 04, 2018

ELS Basketball in dire Need of Volunteers

ELS Basketball Season is right around the corner. But before we can move ahead with the new season we need your help. We need volunteers to assist with organizing and managing the coming season. This means we must have age group commissioners in these age groups:


5-6U Coed





Commissioning an age group would require working with ELS to “take ownership” of the coaches and teams in your age group. The league would provide you the schedule block for both practices and games. You would assist in the tryout and draft day for that age group. You would prepare the game/practice schedule, make sure that uniforms are distributed and be available for communication with coaches in that age group to see that games, practices and the season in general goes off smoothly.  Game day availability is important.


Excellent communication skills via email, phone, etc… is a requirement.  If you are not able to respond to ELS officials, coaches or parents emails or calls promptly, then this would not be a good fit.  There is no compensation for this position but you will have “free” registration for your player this season. 


If we cannot find a commissioner in an age group it may mean that ELS will not be able to offer a basketball experience this year at that age group. So please step up so the youth of the ELS community can continue to experience recreational basketball in the 2018-2019 season.

If you are interested in helping, Please contact Scott Wesley at scott.wesley@schillerhardware.com