East Louisville Sports (ELS) Basketball

ELS Basketball Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 ELS holds online registration and in person registration.  Times and locations are posted at the EastLouisvilleSports.Com website.  There is a credit card processing fee for online registration.  The registration fee is refundable if requested before uniform orders are placed.  The online processing fee is not refundable.

Refunds: All refunds would be in the form of a check mailed to you from the ELS treasurer. To request a refund you must include name and mailing address of person to whom the refund is to be issued.   Also provide whether original registration was from in person or online registration and in what form of payment, cash, check or credit card. 

When are Practices: 
5/6 year old leagues: Practice before your game on Sunday's.  Time slot typically is 12:30 - 3:00 at EHS.  30-min practice and 45-min game. 

Players 7/8 League: teams will practice at Hite.  Practices slots are Mon. – Friday. 6:00 and 7:00.  1-hour. 1 night per week, the night is selected by the coach.  

9/10: 1 hour practice once a week at Middletown Elem, provided by the league. Practice night is selected by the coach.   

11/12: 1 hour practice one night a week.  TBA at ELS approved site.

Although practices times are offered through the league, some coaches may use other options or sites available to them personally at their expense.   

The High School League and Middle School leagues are a games only league.  No practice times provided by the league.

When are Games: 
Leagues (7-8 and above) up to 10 games that include a post season single elimination tourney.  Game time slots begin on Saturdays, beginning at 9:00am and running through late afternoon and Sundays beginning at 1:00pm and running until early evening.  Games are at Eastern High School.  Times and game days are dependent on overall size of league and specific age groups.  7/8, 9/10, 11/12 age groups are projected to play on Saturday.  5/6, MS, HS age groups on Sunday. This could however change at ELS discretion and scheduling needs.

When does the Season Begin: 
A brief tryout is held in November for coaches to assess the player’s individual skill level, NOT to cut.  All players are selected to a team.  Practices begin late November.  Games begin early December and end by the first of March.  No tryouts for Mini-5/6 yo., Middle or High School. 

Tryout – Skills assessment:
You will receive an email informing you of the specific time for your age group.

What about playing time:
ELS rules provide for “equal” playing time.  With 8 or 9 players on a team, every player will play a bit more than half the game.

Can I become a Coach: 
We are always looking for coaches.  Since we are involved with youth sports, all coaches are required to submit to a police background check.  A copy of the background check form is posted in the Handouts section of the ELS website.

Where are games played: 
All games are played at the Eastern High School, although in some special cases, weather etc... and to help with scheduling, we may use other gyms to conduct games.

Can a Coach select an Assistant coach: 
ELS basketball only officially recognizes the head coach position.  Assistant coach information is asked on applications only as an additional piece of information for the Head Coach to consider when drafting a team.  As a head coach you may wish to have an assistant to help you.  Your “assistants” son/daughter, however, must be drafted in accordance with the rules of the draft.  Only the Head Coach’s son/daughter is guaranteed to be on the Head Coach’s roster.

Only in the 5-6 age group can you request to be placed with a specific coach or with other players since no draft is conducted. Special Requests Policy:ELS Policy - Player special requests 

ELS leagues conduct player assessment tryouts with a draft on age groups 7/8 year old and above.  Coaches draft teams based on their own player evaluations from tryouts.  This is done in an attempt to achieve an overall balance in the league. 

Often, parents will make special requests such as playing for specific coaches, with friends or classmates to help with carpooling, not to practice on a particular night of the week, etc... Unfortunately, ELS cannot accommodate special requests.  ELS will disclose written special requests that it receives (via email or on application) to the age group commissioner and to its coaches prior to the draft.  ELS encourages its coaches, whenever possible, to consider the special request when drafting teams though coaches are under no requirement to do so. 

If however the special request cannot be accommodated, a request for a refund may be granted if made prior to uniforms being ordered.